Executive Coaching

Don can provide private 121 coaching and business mentoring to business leaders who are looking for someone to challenge their assumptions.

Don is particularly adept at:

  • How to manage profit margins in middle market operations
  • How to approach and acquire competitors
  • How to integrate operations and management from acquired companies
  • How to re-brand your company
  • How to manage operations in declining industries
  • How to manage operations in difficult economic times
  • How to implement a digital marketing strategy and digital sales in traditional industries
  • Managing daily operations with a focus on HR, A/R collections, CapEx strategies, multi-state operations, and other management skills

About Don Burdge

Don Burdge is a Business Mentor and Growth Strategist with over 28 years of experience as a CEO and Business Owner. He is a recognized Vistage Chair in the Los Angeles/Long Beach area. Don brings together, for clients, the nation’s best resources for CEO development, leadership and coaching targeted to high level professionals.

By combining CEO development through Vistage International CEO advisory groups and a vast background in business facilitation and coaching, Don is fostering high performing companies to even higher levels.


$500 / hour via Zoom call

$600 / hour in person


“My monthly meetings with Don help me step away from the day-to-day duties and focus on my long-term goals and objectives.  Unlike anyone else in my life, Don holds me accountable to what I’ve committed to doing. As a third-generation leader of our organization, Don realizes the issues facing multi-generational family businesses.  He brings his unique perspective to my issues.” – Rob Jorgensen, COO Metex Valve and Southwest Plastics.

“For the past several months I’ve been meeting with Don regularly to help me focus on what’s important in running my business. Recently he was instrumental in helping me focus on my branding and marketing needs as well as my delegation of duties to become more productive. I would highly recommend Don as a business coach to anyone responsible for running a business.” – Matt Ramage, founder of Emarketed