What’s Vistage?

Since 1957 Vistage has been bringing together successful CEO’s, executives and business owners into private advisory groups. Each group is purpose built to help members help each other improve the performance and outcomes of their business.

Don’s groups are purpose-built to help members help each other improve the performance and outcomes of their businesses.

“Belonging to a Vistage group has helped me get out of bad partnership, form a new company successfully all with the assistance and encouragement of my peers. Vistage has actually changed my life.” 

Vistage Member

Let’s Start a Dialogue

Vistage is a by-invitation-only membership organization. See if you are a fit to join our Los Angeles area peer groups and 20,000 executive members worldwide.

  • You are a CEO, executive or business owner.
  • You are committed to raising the standard for your business.
  • Your company is established and open to innovative thinking.

Seasoned Executive Coach

Members receive monthly one-to-one coaching from Don Burdge, their Vistage Chair. Don is an objective business advisor who offers advice, insight, accountability, and support.

National Speakers

We fly in nationally recognized experts to deliver fresh perspectives and practical insight. They also inspire breakthrough ideas. Because this takes place in a small-group environment, a speaker’s content can be tailored to each Vistage member’s specific needs.

Groups Dig Deep

Thinly reasoned conclusions have no place in a Vistage group.

The hallmark of our groups is something we call Issue Processing. It is a structured thorough approach to helping members think through the dynamics of a challenge. It forces you to push beyond your assumptions and get to the real issues. It allows a member to evaluate input from peer who has no other interest than to offer sound options and experience.

It is rare to find a group of peers who has no other interest than to push your boundaries of accountability toward success. Ideas and answers begin to flow.

MYVistage™ Connect Technology

Expand your reach nationally and internationally throughout the Vistage International portal. Ask questions and find out more about the best practices all over the world.

Work on Your Business with CEOs, Executives and Owners Just Like You

Put Don and 16 of your peers to work for you and your business! By investing 30 minutes of your time with Don, you will learn how business owners and key executives are tapping into their peers to grow their businesses and balance their lives.

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There is a one-time enrollment fee of $1,600 then $1,200 per month. The first 30 days are free with no obligation.